Restoration Service


Expert Shoe Repair Services Nationwide

SpiffyKicks is one of the trusted shoe repair companies in the U.S. We are a team of shoe experts who can restore shoes of any model by any brand. We care for your shoes and make them shine like new again.

Our deep cleaning and stain-removal process ensure a glistening exterior while our restoring services ensure longer life of your shoes.

Services Offered

  • Deep cleaning & conditioning
  • Decreasing
  • Re-dye
  • Sole icing (depends on the type of shoe/material)
  • Removal of yellow stains (depends on the type of shoe/material)

Restoration Process

SpiffyKicks offers the most specialized online shoe restoration services in the world. We help you keep your shoes in perfect shape with our patented high technology cleaning and restoration process — experience fast, safe, and easy shoe restoration with our door-to-door service.

Dress Shoe Process

  • To mold the leather into a nice form again, we submerse your shoe into water
  • Let it soak for at least 10 minutes
  • Put a shoe tree in your shoe that is one size larger
  • Use an electrical heat gun or spooning
  • Resole your shoes

Quality Care

We deep clean your shoes to remove scuffs, stains, and other debris from your shoes and sneakers. We also use a conditioner to restore the natural shine of your shoe’s exteriors. All kinds of shoes will crease and creasing inevitably leave your shoes looking older no matter how clean you keep them.

We remove those stubborn creases so you can wear them again with pride. Some materials start to lose their color over time, whether it’s suede or leather. We repaint or re-dye your shoes to complete the shoe restoration process.

We Work with All Kinds Of Shoes