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    SpiffyKicks is the pioneer's of eco-friendly shoe and sneaker restoration services. Founded in 1994, we have offered the most extreme highest quality shoe restoration's to our customer's nationwide. Greater still since our inception, we have always believed that quality was never a compromise, no matter what. For this reason have made our amazing service simple, safe, and easy. Call or visit for a quote or simply start by taking photo's of your favorite shoe's.
     At SpiffyKicks, we are confident that once you've experienced our world class shoe care, you too will become a believer. The incredible results of our patented process will absolutely amaze you, plus leave you wondering why shoe care was never this way before. Exclusive online ordering ensures the highest quality shoe restoration on the planet. Our supreme Door to door pick-up and delivery assures all customer extreme quality without leaving the comfort's of home.

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   The average consumer owns approximately ten pairs of shoes, of which many are sneakers. It can be challenging to keep all of your favorite shoes looking and feeling new. At SpiffyKicks, we urge our customers to take advantage of our multiple pair discounts and save up to 30% on any shoe service order over three pairs. Restore, clean, or customize your next pair of shoes with the original shoe and sneaker restoration experts at SpiffyKicks.


The Next Generation of Shoe Care

  SpiffyKicks can service any shoe from any manufacturer. Our patented restoration process can breathe life into every shoe we service. For the ultimate results you have to see it to believe. Contact SpiffyKicks factory customer service or email us.

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     Are you wondering if your shoes require a restoration and or a cleaning. Create your own shoe restoration portfolio. To begin this process, start taking photos of your shoes you feel need the most attention. Share photos by E-mailing them to info@spiffykicks.com,be sure to include your full name and contact phone number. A SpiffyKicks service agent will review your shoe and or sneakers for signs of damage related to normal wear and tear. customers are quickly informed and updated as to when your shoes may need professional service. furthermore feel free to reach out to us directly if there are specific needs you would like to point out in relation to your shoe order.

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