Welcome to sneaker restoration at your door.

Welcome to sneaker restoration at your door.

Welcome to sneaker restoration at your door. Welcome to sneaker restoration at your door.


Where your Shoes are reborn.


Worldwide Shipping at your door.


Exclusive Door to Door Shoe Delivery

World's finest Shoe Restoration available anytime anywhere.


 Spiffykicks the pioneers of ECO friendly sneaker restoration we feel quality should never be compromised,no matter what. We are pleased to offer our exclusive service direct to your door. Quality made simple safe and totally easy. call or visit for a quote or just take a photo of your shoes.      

Welcome to the next generation of Shoe Care.


Spiffykicks factory can service any shoe from any manufacturer.  Our patented restoration process can breathe new life into every shoe we service. for results you have to see to believe Contact SpiffyKicks factory customer service 1-(202)-471-0996 Email info@spiffykicks.com

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Step:1 Take a photo of your shoes, your phone has now become your closet. Step:2 attach your photos to Spiffykicks factory Email Info@spiffykicks.com along with contact phone number. Step:3 Call Spiffykicks customer service for your pick up time and security PIN . Step:4 wait for your delivery driver. Safe fast easy & convenient.

Official Service


Extreme Sneaker Restoration


Keep your soles on ice.

Spiffykicks exclusive cleaning process has revolutionized sneaker restoration utilizing our famous  360o degree interior cleaning. Removing 99.8% of all interior dirt and harmful bacteria, which can build up over the course of normal wear. The shoes exterior is also exposed to unmatched cleaning ,which removes all exterior soil, stains, scratches, discoloration, and embedded debri . Results you have to see to believe, and yes let's not forget our world famous  Sole Icing. 


Shoe damage should never cause mental pain.

In the unlikely event that your shoe encounter this level of damage, you'll be excited to know that at spiffyKicks factory we consider this a minor situation. We want all of our customers to know that no matter what happen's we have the answer to the worst day in your shoes. To be exact its these types of cases that have made us the most famous sneaker restoration company in the world. Shoes that you may feel have no hope have been restored to their pre purchased condition like it never happened.        


Six second's to go

Being the masters of O.G. Shoe restoration we are limitless in giving all of your old school classics the attention they deserve. Real shoe heads agree that its very hard to part with their favorites. However on the the open market the resale of classic shoes can fetch astronomical prices. With this understanding we intend to put your shoes to work for you .          



SpiffyKicks factory unleashes its shoe restoration robots on the world. With endless capabilities our robots can reproduce any component from any shoe ever made. laser eye technology allows us to repair, correct, reshape, rebuild, all with 100% accuracy. As the inventors of Athletic shoe restoration in 1994 we are bound to our world famous legacy the pioneers of shoe restoration. The next generation of shoe care has arrived and once again we are the proud to remain the world's finest.



SpiffyKicks is committed to putting the life back into every shoe we service. While using our world class services, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or services even shipping, get in touch! make your shoe care experience the best ever.  



Shoes are how we express our individuality. That's why at SpiffyKicks we focus on a unique process of shoe restoration. Since our introduction in 1994 there have been many that have tried to duplicate our patented process. All have failed to match or even come close to our extreme passion for quality. Now as we institute new and innovative technology, quality is our only competition. These ideas are what drive us to perform the finest shoe restoration on the planet.

Restart your Shoe game.

100% Shoe Care


Spiffykicks.com offers the most exclusive online shoe restoration in the world. keep all of your shoes in perfect shape with  our patented High tech cleaning, and restoration process. no more searching for shady shoe care. Experience fast safe and easy shoe restoration with SpiffyKIcks.com Door To Door.     

All your shoes will look like new


Our Exclusive service has been extended from professional athletes and celebrities to all of the local communities of the world. Proven quality and distinct service now available to you anytime anywhere. 

Extending the life of your shoes


At Spiffykicks.com we are confident in the belief that once you have experienced this extreme level of shoe care you to will be a believer. Now see why people are talking about this amazing service. Get the finest  sneaker restoration on the planet without ever leaving home.

Save 20% on multiple pair orders


The average individual owns approximately 10 pairs of shoes of which many sneakers knowing this, it can be challenging to keep all of your shoes looking new. At Spiffykicks we urge our customers to take advantage of our multiple pair discounts save up 20% on any order over three pairs. Make you next sneaker restoration the very best with the original sneaker restoration experts, SpiffyKicks.com.

SpiffyKicks.com makes shoe care simple with "Celloset". cell phone closet one photo to start your order.


Start your new shoe and sneaker restoration  portfolio by taking photos of your collection. upload  photos to Info@spiffykicks.com a  Spiffykicks service agent will review your sneaker collection for signs of damage caused by normal wear and tear. keeping you up to date when your shoes may require professional service.

Frequently asked


How long does it take for my shoes to be serviced? Most shoe orders take from one to three day's from the time of free pick-up. 

How do i know if SpiffyKicks can fix the damage to my shoes?  your photos will  immediately be reviewed by our shoe restoration experts to clearly define the service and price of your restoration.

for answers call or E-mail info@spiffykicks.com

Customer Service1 (202)471-0996 


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