About the Company


Unmatched Shoe Cleaning and Restoration Services

SpiffyKicks is an eco-friendly shoe cleaning and restoration company that offers nationwide services. Founded in 1994, we have been offering our services for the past 24 years with consistent quality and dedication.

We can work on shoes of any makes and model. Our company provides doorstep pickup and dropoff service. Initially, we had to work from our home and advertised through dry cleaning businesses, but slowly, our company expanded through word-of-mouth.

Technologies We Use

SpiffyKicks uses shoe restoration robots for accurate and swift services. With endless capabilities, our robots can reproduce any component from any shoe ever made. Laser eye technology allows us to repair, correct, reshape, rebuild with 100% accuracy.

As the inventors of athletic shoe restoration in 1994, we are bound to our world-famous legacy as the pioneers of shoe restoration. The next generation of shoe care has arrived, and once again, we are proud to continue to be the world's trusted shoe restoration company.


Our Expertise

At SpiffyKicks, we consider any level of shoe damage as a minor situation. We want all of our customers to know that no matter what the condition is, we can restore your shoe’s health. To be precise, these types of cases challenge us, and our ability to fix these has made us the most trusted sneaker restoration company in the world.

We can restore your shoes to their pre-purchased condition like no damage ever happened.

Making Your Old Shoes New Again

Being the masters of O.G. shoe restoration, we can give your old school classics the care they deserve. Real shoe lovers agree that it's tough to part with their favorites.

However, on the open market, the resale of classic shoes can fetch astronomical prices. With this understanding, we intend to make your old shoes new for you.


Why Choose Us

  • Professionalism
  • Time management
  • Integrity
  • The only USA patented business for shoe restoration